Clarke County has instituted a rapid emergency notification system called CODE RED.  In the wake of the Connecticut tragedy, we would encourage all in our community to sign up for this service.
For the safety of everyone, please observe the 15 mph speed limit in our community.
No Trucks on Shady Ford Lane
At the last board meeting, the road committee requested that no trucks or trailers be allowed on Shady Ford Lane. Please instruct your delivery trucks to use our second entrance and come down Solitude Lane.  
Road Maintenance Program
The Carefree Acres Road Maintenance Program is now available in document form on the members page of our website.
New Carefree Acres Sign
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Carefree History Lesson
Did you know that in 1910 a one room school house was established in Wildcat Hollow?

It was called Wildcat Academy.   The mountain that we live on contains a wealth of history. Check out our
History Page.
If you SEE something
SAY something
 Delivery Truck Stuck
Shady Ford & Solitude
Please tell your delivery truck operators to use the second entrance. Trucks are not allowed on Shady Ford.